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Apply Pan Card Online - 6 Benefits

Safer than PAN Card Agent

Applying PAN Card online through is much more safer than using a pan card agent. Do not share your personal information with PAN CARD Agent, Use this website to securely uploading your proof, your pan card application will be directly checked by our PAN Officers safely and securely.

Cheaper to Apply PAN Online

If you use PAN card agent, they will charge you separately for each process. For example: An agent will charge you 150 Rs. for application, 200 to 300 rs for Card Processing then some hidden charges. When you apply through PAN Seva the service costs you only 289 Rs. thats all.

Fast Processing of Application

PANSeva process your pan card application extremely fast and we use central government authorize registration to avoid delays in receiving your pan card. Your pan card will be sent directly to the address you have mentioned safely and no separate courier charge.

Easy PAN Card Status Tracking

You can easily track the status of your PAN card by applying it online in panseva. We will generate a unique reference number which you can use to track using our pan services website.

Zero Balance Bank Account

When you apply for pan card here, you will get list of ZERO balance bank account options from our partner banks. You can easily have a bank account without depositing any minimum amount in it.

Free Duplicate Copy

Incase you missed your pan card after you receive the pan card, you can easily use the reference number provided by us to apply for duplicate pan card instantly.