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How long does it take to get a new PAN card?

PAN card can now be applied online and after submitting all the details it needs now just 2-3 days to get your card. There was a time when it needs even 20 days for issuing PAN card but today everything has been changed. Please follow below instructions to get PAN card within a week:

How can I get duplicate PAN card?

It is possible to get duplicate PAN card and so follow the below-mentioned process:

How can I apply for pan card offline?

One who wishes to apply for PAN card offline can make it easy by following the below-mentioned process:

How to Apply for PAN Card Online & Offline in India (2018)

Steps to apply for PAN card Online

Process to apply for PAN card offline

Which documents are required while applying for PAN card?

Documents which shows you are a citizen of India will be required while applying for PAN card online or offline. Address proof is the most important documents for everyone who is required to get a card. There is a situation when minors apply for PAN card and so in such situation parents or minors’ documents can be submitted. Some other proofs which are required while applying for PAN card are Voter card copy, ration card which has photography of applicant, passport copy, copy of driving license, Arm’s license, Aadhar card copy, photo identity card, central government health scheme card, Bank certificate which should have photo of applicant along with account number, copy of pensioner card with photo of applicant. One could even have a certificate of identity which must be signed by Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councillor but makes sure it should be original.

Copy of documents required as address proof

Submitting PAN card form also requires to attach a copy of some documents for verification. Below is a list of documents whose copy can be submitted along with PAN card but make sure that the first, five documents copy should not be more than 3 months old.

Documents required by a Foreigner for PAN Card application

PAN card is not only required by Indian citizen as there are many situations when even one who has Indian origin might also require PAN as identity proof.

Documents required as identity must be one of the following listed below: